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A Cultural Awareness Manual:

What Every Teacher Should Know About Traditional Characteristics Associated with African-American Culture


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Aimed at teachers, practitioners, and administrators, A Cultural Awareness Manual sheds light on traditional African-American cultural values. Educational initiatives speak to the need to create instructional models that integrate the values of culturally diverse students. A common barrier among many teachers, as it pertains to creating culturally relevant models, is this: Most are unfamiliar with the cultural values of students of color in particular, and the cultural values of African-American students in particular.

This manual will

  • increase your knowledge surrounding African-American culture;
  • enhance your knowledge of why many culturally diverse students may be referred for special education services;
  • enhance your ability to train staff members surrounding issues related to cultural awareness;
  • improve your ability to work with students and parents of color;
  • boost your ability to integrate instruction and cultural characteristics that have been associated with African-American culture;
  • increase your knowledge of how to work interdependently with community leaders, including African-American clergy—and more!

A Cultural Awareness Manual is a supplemental guide to Dwayne D. Williams’ book, An RtI Guide to Improving Performance of African-American students: What Every Teacher Should Know About Culture and Academic Engagement