Culturally Relevant RTI Models

If you are like most educators, you have heard of culturally relevant response-to-intervention (CR-RTI), but may not know how these models should look in the classroom when working with African-American students. At Tier 1, we assist school districts and organizations with creating RTI models that integrate the lived experiences of culturally diverse learners. Educational law speaks to the need to provide appropriate instruction (Individuals with Individuals Education Act, IDEA, 2004) when instructing students in the classroom. Scholars have explained that, if classroom practices are not relevant to the cultural values of students, then the instruction may not be “appropriate instruction,” considering research shows that students are much more engaged when presented with culturally responsive activities.

At Tier 1, we provide step-by-step approaches on how to create RTI models that integrate the cultural values of culturally diverse learners and train educators on how to implement culturally responsive instruction throughout tiers—starting at the Tier 1 level.

Our training will

  • boost your knowledge surrounding culturally relevant RTI;
  • increase your ability to align culturally responsive instruction/interventions with state standards;
  • enhance your knowledge of scientific research-based interventions that have been shown to increase engagement among culturally diverse learners;
  • strengthen your ability to engage parents of color within your RTI framework;
  • increase your knowledge of how to use community resources as Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports;
  • enhance your relationships with students of color—and more!

Our services move past theory and focus on evidence-based, culturally responsive strategies that teachers can use immediately throughout tiers and grade levels.

Learn today how to create models that integrate the cultural values of your students!