Dwayne D. Williams, CEO

Dwayne D. Williams has become the most sought after educational consultant within the education community on the topic of culturally responsive problem solving. He is most known for his work as a school psychologist and interventionist, in which he helps teachers, administrators, and state departments create educational models and instructional strategies that increase performance among culturally diverse learners.

Dwayne has trained hundreds of teachers on how to create culturally relevant response-to-intervention (RTI), multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS), and social emotional learning (SEL) programs. He has coached thousands of students on SEL skills and currently uses his curriculum, Like Music to My Ears: A Hip-Hop Approach to Social Emotional Learning to integrate hip hop elements—including dance, rap, and poetry—with SEL activities. Dwayne is an author with Corwin Press, has published 7 books, and speaks nationally on culturally responsive problem solving models.

Dwayne has studied culture within the context of education for over 10 years. He became interested in the role culture plays in education during his graduate school years, in which he conducted a quantitative study on The Effect of Culture on Academic Engagement, with over 300 students, in the Midwest U.S.A. Following Dwayne’s study, he continued his work on culture and academic engagement and began teaching teachers and administrators how to pair instruction with the cultural values of students to boost engagement.

In 2008, Dwayne wrote a rebuttal article of Ruby Payne’s highly acclaimed work, A Framework for Understanding Poverty. His rebuttal article—A Closer Look at Ruby Payne’s Culture of Poverty Theory—is published with Trainer’s Forum, which is a peer refereed, school psychology journal. His article has challenged the thinking of many educators and psychologists who work closely with students who come from impoverished backgrounds. Dwayne’s article has also challenged the thinking and practices of professors within school psychology training programs.

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