Dr. Velda Wright

Dr. Velda Wright is an associate professor with Lewis University Department of Education Leadership. She has served as both assistant principal (Calumet City, Illinois—School District 149) and principal (Country Club Hills, Illinois—School District 160) within the public education system. Prior to serving in leadership roles, Dr. Wright developed evaluation and assessment tools for teachers. Additionally, she assisted in writing and analyzing curriculum for teacher preparation programs. Dr. Wright was voted teacher of the year (school district 149) during her tenure as a teacher and spearheaded mentoring programs for students who were identified as at-risk. Dr. Wright has presented at over 50 conferences and has provided educational coaching and consulting services for over 15 years. Her research specialty is in the area of Cognitive Neuroscience. Dr. Wright brings valuable knowledge to Tier 1 Educational Coaching and Consulting Services in which she specializes in creating effective learning environments throughout the RTI process. Dr. Wright says, “We must continue to advocate for culturally relevant instructional practices that focus on developing the ‘whole’ child through rigorous curricula. The infusion of cognitive neuroscience with culturally relevant instructional practices will enhance the teaching and learning outcomes throughout the RTI framework.”